PREVIZ is a collaborative research project which has obtained three labels from Images & Réseaux, Cap-Digital and Imaginove, and which is supported by the BPI/Oséo in the framework of the French founding program FUI15. The  PREVIZ project aims at developing an innovative platform for on set previsualization for visual effects (VFX) film production. It also proposes a study on the harmonization of the tools and previs metadata along the production pipeline. PREVIZ goal is twofold, increase the artistic creativity on the set and improve the efficiency of the overall VFX production workflow.

The PREVIZ consortium gathers key actors from both the film industry and the related academic network. The objective is to bring to the French film industry the expertise in VFX previsualization and the means to expand on the international VFX market.

PREVIZ  proposes to go much further compared to the virtual camera offered by current on set previs solutions, in particular through new methods of VFX compositing and animation, as well as new VFX creative editing solutions.

The results of the project will be experimented regularly along the 2 year period involving all the segments of the production workflow, based on the Ecole Louis Lumière sets and shooting means, as well as their expertise in VFX supervision.

Starting date :  June 2013
Duration : 27 months

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